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mercés per estar viengut en Bretanh



Photo circulated courtesy of Laurent Lacrouts and Mathieu Jourdain 


On January 17, 2020 the double album of the duo THE INSPECTOR CLUZO was released:

           "we the People of the Soil"

           "Brothers in Ideals"

produced by Vance Powell in Nashville, with a world tour starting in Brittany.


Ker Lux Y went there to meet our Gascon friends because our house is part of the same approach as that of THE INSPECTOR CLUZO. Our common philosophy is based on the recognition of our terroirs and its values with a concern for openness to the planet.

Our letimotiv: "Think global, act local".


The Inspector Cluzo is a totally independent musical duo. They do everything themselves: recording, programming, label, management, press relations, promotion... a bit like us at KerLuxY.

The two long-time friends met in prep school in the South-West of France. When the group is not touring the world, they work in their old-fashioned Lou Casse farm where they raise hundreds of geese and produce foie gras, rillettes, confits.


Blue tunes sung by Laurent Lacrouts, with a rich vocal caesura and a rare and powerful timbre. Perfectionist, the brio of his four guitars is one with his passion.

The sounds of the cello and the violin sometimes weave a melancholy case.

    « Cultural Misunderstanding »      -   When I look at U I see myself
    « The Best »                                   -   There’s just one road where we’re supposed to be

Mathieu Jourdain gives rhythm to the tunes; he gently and precisely shakes the brushes on the drums and percussion. A surprising show will follow.

A change of rhythm on the piano, a more rocky tune is emerging.


mila mercés    

Mari K-Y