Quality Standards


Being referenced on KerluxY.bzh means that the seller adheres to our Quality Standards that encompass the following commitments regarding:

I- Full transparency to the consumer
II- Manufacturing methods
III- Quality controls



  . The seller is identifiable and provides us with its unique legal identification number together with any other useful documents,

  . Prior to uploading any artistic work or product on our marketplace, we visit the workshops in person,

  . The seller accepts and signs an agreement in which the seller attests it will adhere to the present Quality Standards,

  . The product is genuine: the seller declares being the owner of the artistic work/product for sale on our marketplace. The work/product is neither a copy nor a forgery nor a concealment,

  . For each certified artistic work, the seller must provide a certificate of authenticity,

  . We allocate a KerluxY identification number to each artistic work or product. In the Art Gallery, the artistic work is reserved for our marketplace until sale,

  . Each seller fills in a descriptive record for every artistic work or product on sale on our marketplace. This detailed document commits the seller to the quality of its product,

  . The seller cannot upload any work or product. This is only possible for the site administrator after an appropriate identification by KerluxY,

  . Each artistic work or product can be sold only through KerluxY. The seller is committed not to sell these works outside our marketplace,

  . Should the seller put up for sale comparable works through a different distribution channel, the seller agrees not to overcharge works/products on sale on KerluxY,

  . In case of important breach of the present Quality Standards, we will take the necessary measures including the possible exclusion of the seller.




Each artistic work/product on sale on our marketplace is accompanied by a descriptive record listing detailed characteristics. The geographical origin and composition will be stated on this document.

Buying an artistic work/product on our marketplace allows you to support a clearly identified local workforce. Thus, you help maintain the culture and the arts anywhere and you facilitate perpetuating traditional know how.

Art Gallery

Artists produce unique artistic work. It may happen that a work is realized in limited editions based on a given theme. Each descriptive record lets you know the number of similar works of art sold throughout the world. If any derivative products exist, the descriptive record will mention it.

Creator's Store

Sellers produce goods in small quantities. The sellers commit themselves to produce goods in the place stated in the descriptive record, maintaining local jobs wherever possible and respecting the labour law in force in the country of production.



When adhering to the present Quality Standards, the seller constantly ensures the quality of the artistic works/products for sale, while respecting the regulatory and legal profession requirements,

The seller commits himself to fulfil orders, respect the delivery time and send an invoice to the customer,

After sale, any customer has the possibility to rate the seller,

The marketplace has made a contact link available to visitors and customers. Messages will be read with great attention and will be dealt with appropriately.