Le Tutour Nicolas

After three years at a visual communication school in Paris, Nicolas Le Tutour began his career at Publicis. He also started working as a model maker in volume illustration. Then, he lifts the dough and lets his brushes grow. He became a painter and then an illustrator and gradually moved towards comics and cartoons.

Under various signatures, he creates signs, realizes trompe-l'oeil, works as a cartoonist for the press, exhibits his paintings (winner of the 2018 competition of the  Museum of Fantastic Arts in Brussels where his work is exhibited). He collaborates on various comic projects of signature "Niko", humorous for some, historical (youth-adult-all public) for others. He illustrates books in print and digital edition in universes ranging from Science Fiction to Fantasy.

Since 2015 he also illustrates in the role-playing game; he was concept-artist for a video game production studio. He sometimes collaborates with consulting firms as a brand consultant and communication supports in companies or business schools, which earned him the nickname of "polymorphic illustrator" from a colleague.

Nicolas is also a press cartoonist for the newspaper Le Télégramme, the magazine Le Peuple Breton, the magazine Insectes, Glad Breizh, Pif Gadget, Penn Bazh...

In 2020, he returns to his first love and creates a collection of oil on canvas dedicated to bees. He exhibited his first collection in May-June 2022, which earned him a first distinction, a prize awarded by the LPO. Since then, he continues to create paintings on this theme which is very dear to him. Nicolas Le Tutour joined the KERLUXY Art Gallery in September 2022 where his paintings are on exclusive sales.



For the above painting, the artist was inspired by this statement, unjustly attributed to A. Einstein: "If the bees were to disappear, humanity would have only four years left". Scientists in the 1970s named this "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCE). The painting shows a sundial, whose Roman numerals make us believe that it is a large number, whereas it is the initials of Colony Collapse Disorder. The dial shows the fateful hour of 23:58 of the doomsday clock, whose shadow strikes the bee that has landed.




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