Animal Art in Oils - Minimalist Painting with Skull and Bee
The bee and death

Le Tutour Nicolas Professional

Height : 31.50"
Width : 23.62"
Weight : 2.866 lb
Unique artwork
Celtland-Brittany France
Solidarity and Ecology
2 200,00 €
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Black and White Painting | Life and Death: The Bee and the Human Skull

Symbolic Canvas - Collection "APIS" - Oil on canvas NO.4 - French format

Life and death are only two sides of the same coin. The artist wanted to tell a story of our humanity, through its end: "many scientists see the sixth great extinction on earth coming, but it is ours... shadow and light interact, and it is likely that the most threatened species is not the one we think. From the disappearance of one, hope will be born for the other".


Faced with this skull, we see the Shapespearean drama of humanity and we say "To bee or not to bee"...


Availability: Immediate
Delivery time : 10-15 days
Returns: 14 days
Place of production: Celtland - Brittany
Method of Production: Manual
Rarity / World: 1
Rarity / KerluxY: 1

Le Tutour Nicolas Professional

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