Japanese woman statue | White decoration
Empress JINGU

Mylène La Sculptrice Professional

Height : 13.39"
Width : 4.72"
Weight : 3,3731 lb
Unique white sculpture | Free delivery
Rest of the World, France
550,00 €
Record n° G.sc-MYLE-000025


Standing woman figurine in Japanese costume

In Japanese culture, Geisha is a woman devoted to the arts. Traditional dance, singing, music, poetry, floral composition ... no discipline can resist her talents.

Passionate about general culture, she excels in the art of conversation. Draped in a silk kimono belted with an obi, she wears wooden sandals wedged on white socks.

Empress "JINGU" is the wife of the 14th Japanese emperor, known as the fighting onna-bugeisha of High Society.

Material: white natural clay



Availability: Immediate
Delivery time : 10 days
Returns: 14 days
Place of production: Rest of the world - France
Method of Production: manual
Rarity / World: 1
Rarity / KerluxY: 1

Mylène La Sculptrice Professional

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