Mylène La Sculptrice

A trained decorator, Mylène La Sculptrice weaves her artistic fibre into various forms of expression: airbrush, metal carving, wood carving, oil painting with a knife.  The contact with clay is the result of her new passion.  The Artist is part of a figurative sculpture, the self-hardening white natural clay will be the material in which she invests herself.  A very fine, almost living material, which, when worked with bare hands, allows very precise work to be carried out. The clay dries, cracks, shrinks and offers the artist a perfect symbiosis with the material. 

A sharp eye and a fine societal analysis..... This is the source of her inspiration. 

Curious, she observes humans and their ethnic rites, browses history textbooks and photography books.

The idea germinates and comes to life under her fingers. 

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