Fœtus oil painting
A father's admiration

Jourdan Servane Professional

Height : 19.69"
Width : 19.69"
Weight : 1.6094 lb
Unique artwork
Celtland-Brittany France
800,00 €
Record n° G.pg-JOUR-000280


Immerse yourself in the watery world of a fetus with this ART PAINTING

In the loving palm of a father, the entire universe prepares to be born, capturing the wonder of life in a canvas of visual poetry.

The translucent amniotic sac melts into the infinite expanse of sky.


Material: Two-tone square paint (flesh color on blue background), oil on canvas.


Availability: Immediate
Delivery time : 10 days
Returns: 14 days
Place of production: Celtland - Brittany
Method of Production: Manual
Rarity / World: 1
Rarity / KerluxY: 1

Jourdan Servane Professional

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Jourdan Servane