Jourdan Servane

Servane Jourdan has been painting portraits since her childhood. The portrait of the present-day woman is prominent in her collection of paintings, as is nature. A strength emerges from the abstract or figurative paintings, we can feel her anger, her torments, her happiness and her gratitude towards life. The sensory leads her to strong symbols combined with the visual of the Hand: gloved in "Adèle in Venice", handling the bow in "Solo", respecting nature in "Elsewhere" and "The take-off", carrying life to come in "Admiration", painting a bubble in "Everlasting", hands in prayer in "Invocation", salvific in "Shattered woman". 


The DNA of her work, her signature, is revealed with the background of her paintings. Sometimes worked with a brush to allow for a fading of colors or a sustained gradient, sometimes worked with a knife for a sharper aspect.


Servane Jourdan is also an author with "The cry of the soul" and "The in-between".


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