Dancer On Earth

Sculpture by Yann Brard


Painting by Eric Pichon

Adûnakhôr, the Lord of the West

by Mylène La Sculptrice

Cocktail by the Pool.

Painting by Eric Pichon


Painting by Jean-François Chaussepied

The 2 Catalans

Painting by Twoodje

Marie-Antoinette and the banshees.

Painting by Marianne Julie

Solenn Le Couviour


Suburban tubular cities

Painting by Daniel Paugam

Thought algorithms

Drawing by Dayva Achikhman

Bench with 5 characters

Sculpture by Yann Brard


Serge VINCENTI, Photographer

The Mythological Comedy

Monumental Sculpture by Stanko Kristic

Bigfoot / Yeti / Sasquatch

Oil Painting by Tristan


Painting by Marianne Julie

Duo of Daisies

by Gaïd Lebourdais

The Wind is blowing

Wood sculpture by Chañ Klaod Talek

God of Cinema

Marble sculpture by Stanko Kristic

Rose reflections

Painting by Daniel Paugam

The seaside path

Painting by Daniel Paugam

Pontaniou 01

Mathieu Le Gall, Photographer

Cosmic Energy

Drawing by Dayva Achikhman

Triangle of light

Painting by Dayva Achikhman

Time Bird

Painting by Dayva Achikhman

Madina Abdrakhmanova


Serj Plénier

Barython, writer

The Horseman and his Cow

Painting by Daniel Paugam

Caliawen, luminous Elf

by Mylène La Sculptrice

Wild animal

Painting by Daniel Paugam

The Blue Cave

Painting by Daniel PAUGAM


Drawing by Dayva Achikhman


Oil painting by Tristan

Blue Portrait

Painting by Twoodje

The Four Friends

Painting by Twoodje

Evening in Venice.

Painting by Daniel Paugam

Blue-eared One-eye

Painting by Twoodje

The History


Born on the Atlantic coast, the ocean has invited me to travel since my youngest age, a wave that especially brought me to the USA where I lived a while. My two DNAs are music and creativity.

Free electron, pianist and artist, I have always had the visceral need to transform the material and bring it where it is not expected, to mesh the angora, to cut the organdy, to carve boxwood, to shake brushes all night long, to feed the enamels oven, to structure the English garden falsely neglected ... A classic life during the day, an artistic life at night. The wait was long before I reversed the poles, escaping me from the grey walls for a variegated gallery. is a Marketplace where you will find an international Art Gallery and a Celtic store. The Quality Standards lead me from workshops to workshops, which I visit and select for you. It is for their high quality and their originality that the often unique artworks are selected.

In the Gallery, artists from all over the world open their studio. Their goal: the transmission of the arts, aesthetics and knowledge. Meet them, listen to their passion... in silence, time is suspended... wait until they sketch a work of art, observe the work come alive... bring "their unique piece of Art in the world" into one's home, wear with happiness a piece of jewelry designed just for oneself. That's the privilege I want to share with you.

In the store, noble materials are worked according to an old-styled know-how. Pieces created will last more than one season and can be passed on from generation to generation. As art combines with culture, the shelves of the shop display books and dvds in Celtic language to preserve the linguistic treasure of our ancestors. is part of solidarity, always listening to others.  You can support certain causes by acquiring pieces identified by the "solidarity" logo.

Stroll through the Art Gallery and the Store, come admire the art pieces before leaving with a painting, a sculpture or a piece of jewellery ... and do not be afraid to MAKE PEOPLE JEALOUS.


Live the moment on an air of Keith Jarrett and breathe.

A galon vat, trugarez deoc'h.


Mari K-Y

Enrayer l’horloge,
Chaloir à l’Artiste, son éloge,
Franchir les océans.
-Savourer le temps présent-

Tout de marbre vêtue, la sculpture
Défie l’opale diaprée et la gravure,
L’iris enivré au soir du labeur.
-Affirmer ses valeurs-

Du diaphane verre celer son secret,
Œuvre singulière lamée d’or,
Sarcler le sol et partager le trésor,
-S’ancrer dans la solidarité-

Lit clos, photo, natte tirée du filin,
Lire en gaëlique, en latin,
Savoir-faire & valeur sûre.
-Conjuguer nos cultures-

Manoir breton où règne l’Ethique,
Au moellon flotte «ur banniel» celtique,
Ebène, bronze, or, fusain, rubis…
-L’antre de KerluxY-

Mari K-Y