The Chapel of Kerluan

Stained glass windows - Heritage of France


The Kerluan Chapel (16th century) has been decorated with new stained glass windows


Created in 1623, the Chapel is getting a facelift with new stained glass windows to be inaugurated in 2021.


In his conception, the artist Jean-François Chaussepied imagined these stained glass windows as a canvas with its play of light. The "colour of the spirit" shines through with a northern stained glass window in cold colours and a southern stained glass window in warm colours.


In 1999, Jean-François Chaussepied was commissioned by the Fiends of the Chapel to design the main window, which was created by Alain Grall, master glass artist.

During the Heritage Day in 2017, the artist-painter was busy creating new stained glass windows in front of a delighted audience.


The last 6 stained glass windows, still imagined by Jean-François, will be a sketch drawn with a pencil and coloured with watercolours. Then will come the drawings with the selected pieces of glass to end up with a third model called "the cardboard" to scale. This remarkable work is the result of a joint effort with Antoine Le Bihan, master glass-maker, and Steven Pennaneac'h, master glass-maker, who shaped and installed the stained glass windows.


Text and photos copyright  - Mari Yvenat