Since his early childhood, Tristan has been scribbling. Like Peter Pan, the little boy refuses to grow up and visits Neverland. Later, forgetting the adult world will be done through drawing. Between the two, the long, sinuous, ambush-ridden path forges his sharp eye and his beautiful soul.

Tristan Pan lives extraordinary adventures. His fellow travellers nourish his creativity: Manù guides him in the comic arts, Roger Carel enhances his taste for Disney characters.

At the edge of this marvelous word, the World of the 9th Art weaves him a board and feeds him beautiful encounters: Coyote, Widenlocher, Tandiang Patrick, Kkrist Mirror, Burne Hogarth, Tello, Vael... For the past year, Tristan has been bringing characters to life. His works are painted in oil. The artist finds his inspiration from the Great Artists:  Serge Van Kache, Julien Delval, Petar Meseldzija... He never tires of admiring the world famous paintings, the sfumatos of Leonardo da Vinci or the chiaroscuro of Rembrandt.

Tristan unveils himself and paints his inner demons in the guise of chimeric beasts... A centaur shoots an arrow at a stone monster, with the Moaî sculpted out of tuff as a "Witness".

From the myth of Peter Pan resounds an endless question "Does the time scale exist?"


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