Stanko Kristic

Honored with prestigious awards, Stanko KRISTIC is a naturalized French sculptor-mosaicist of Serbian origin. At the beginning of his career in 1975, he decided to come and live in Paris. In the secrecy of his studio, he builds up a collection of works, luminous masks very quickly noticed by art lovers, which gradually leads him to pure artistic creation.

The artist's career is marked by numerous exhibitions. He is often the guest of honor in international exhibitions in Paris, Monte-Carlo, Cagnes sur mer, Saint Tropez, Geneva, Monaco...  Great names acquire his works, "La Souveraine" thus becomes the property of H.S.H. Caroline of Monaco.

This extraordinary sculptor creates luminous masks, human-sized or monumental metal sculptures, according to what his inspiration and his unlimited creativity dictate.



1995 – « Les Ours au ski » (Bears on the ski slopes), a work of art measuring 3m20 high, created for the town of Cauterets;

2007 - "La Légende", a 5 m high work commissioned by the City of Cordes sur Ciel;

2010 - "La Joie de Vivre" (The Joy of living), a prancing horse of 4m50 high becomes the property of the City of St Cyr sur Loire;

2012 - "The Mythological Comedy", the unicorn of almost 5m high, on sale from Septembre 2021 on the Gallery;

2016 - "La Fontaine" (The Fountain) measuring about 7m high.



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