Pichon Eric

Artist-painter for 25 years, Eric Pichon prints his audacity and his freedom. He does not hesitate to launch 4 to 5 creations simultaneously.

His collection of works is rich, paintings and drawings, silk or velvet papers... The eclectic creator feeds them sometimes with acrylic or watercolour, China ink, oil, pastel, charcoal, metallic or embossing paint. The artist experiments with the material, glues gold and copper sheets, glitter or flower petals.

Eric Pichon's works combine the arts: Van Gogh, Kandinsky and Keith Haring can be read in his works.

A great lover of pointillism and Asia, he draws and paints the emotions felt during his travels through China and Japan. 

With his friends of the Association Art Quimper, a meeting of 1.500 hours leads to a collective fresco of 6.3 meters long, a suite composed of 6 panels called "Black Swan".

The imprint of his origins also emerges in his drawings Gwen ha Du.

With the desire to pass on his passion and his technical knowledge, Eric Pichon animates drawing and painting workshops.

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