Le Campion M-L

Marie-Lise Le Campion began by combining a professional career in the Ministry of Culture with training in painting, notably at the Rachel Boyer Foundation of the Ecole du Louvre. From her long stay in the USA, she returned with a passion for art. Then came a decisive meeting in Sarlat where she exchanged with Corneille of the Cobra movement. From there, she had her first exhibitions in France, Germany, Great Britain and China.


In her pictorial work, the research on the light, the poetry of the colors, their harmonies and their nuances, are constants. She likes to paint without saying too much, to suggest the essential, to keep a part of mystery. Nourished by the world that surrounds her and rich in her experience, she paints what she feels and senses, letting herself be guided by her instinct. She transcribes on canvas the emotions that animate her. At the moment, water, the sea and the ocean are one of her sources of inspiration as it is a natural element of her environment.


The artist paints exclusively in her studio and mainly with a knife. Her painting is a painting of interiority, purified between figuration and abstraction. She uses all the techniques that she sometimes mixes: oil on acrylic, addition of inks, pigments, even collages for the rendering of material. 


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