Artist JIEL is an explorer of invisible worlds, a medium between the tangible and the intangible.

The magic of painting lies in her ability to capture the essence of the invisible, give form to emotions and reveal the deepest secrets of the universe. Her brushes become magic wands, dancing across the canvas to give birth to celestial landscapes imbued with spirituality. Her artistic creations are a constant search for the ineffable, a quest to give tangible form to the inexplicable.

The artist aims to convey this mystical experience through her paintings, offering viewers an opportunity to lose themselves in the immensity of the cosmos and find deep meaning in contemplation.

Each of her works is a priesthood, an exploitation of the mysteries of the universe through painting.





. Bachelor's degree Ecole du Louvre, General art history, specializing History of paintings foreign schools,

. Master in Human and Social sciences, Archaeology and Art History specialization.



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