Dotty's work is like an ode to life. Like a fairy, she makes the elusive visible and gives it to the astonished or amazed visitor.

Her bronzes are not simple sculptures, but works that are always in motion and must be viewed from all angles to appreciate their dedicacy and subtlety.

Sketch a few steps with her ribbon dancer, twirl between the colorful birds of her tree of life, let yourself be carried away by the elephant like the mahout perched on its back, to each his own journey. Since childhood, Dotty is anchored in the material.

Fascinated by the modelling of Camille Claudel, the power of Michelangelo's sculptures and more recently by Jaume Plensa's soothing monumental works, Dotty is truly in the lineage of these sculptors who work with matter with determination and passion.

With her brain bubbling with ideas, Dotty takes notes in small notebooks but is only happy when confronted with the reality of the realization in her studio. Faithful to tradition, she works with her hands on the clay or wax that she transforms into bronze or ceramic.

But Dotty likes to surprise us and also uses innovative materials such as carbon fiber for her bust "Second skin". Finally, no matter what the material, Dotty uses the animal or human body to serve her message.

Our place and what makes us who we are is the common thread in her work. Thus, she invites the visitor to make his own introspection in order to find what makes the soil of his/her secret garden germinate.

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