Chaussepied Jean-François



«The canvas is white...breathes... but is mute; I should strike up a dialogue. The silence in the studio accentuates the emotion of the moment. Is it shyness facing the beauty draped in white? She is surprised by the first line, then without saying a single word she makes a suggestion for the shape... then colours. The canvass puts on weight and when filled with light she asks me to stop. I break off the conversation and when stepping back I am the onlooker opposite the easel of what has become the "Dialogue with the invisible"... a painting.

NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN FINE ARTS, specialization Painting

Europe: Dusseldorf, Stutgart, Kell, Sarbrucken, Forbach, Cologne, Berlin, Brno, Limerick.
World: CHINA, province of Yunann,  Pékin. USA, NEW YORK.

1988   Award winner at the ART HORIZON NEW YORK
1998   Médaille de vermeil « ARTS SCIENCES ET LETTRES » - First prize         PAINTING & POETRY, Maison Prebendale in Saint Pol de Léon
2005   Exhibition in CHINA in the province of Shandong from May to July
2006   EURO CELTIC ART LORIENT - ART in the CHAPELS in the Léon

1990   Production of five large-scale paintings for the CHURCH Saint Martin in Brest. The work was over in 1993 and remains visible.
1999   Production of the cardboard of the stained-glass window for the Chapel Notre Dame de Kerluan in Châteaulin.
2014   Models for two stained-glass windows for the CHAPEL de Kerluan in Châteaulin 

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