Cha Sun

For several years, Sun Cha, Korean artist-painter, has been pursuing her dialogue with "The Painting". It is in a softness and a restrained violence that the work seems with ease bo be born of itself. Each painting is an exploration of her interiority, a connection, through this taut thread of memory, between her native land, South Korea, her culture and new "plaforms" where she seeks to settle.

The artist works with acrylic as well as oil. Her writing combines glazes and impasto. Distant memories emerge and slide one over the other. Layer by layer, the painter suggests her stories and arouses our poetic imagination.

Since 2009, Cha Sun has exhibited in Seoul, Moscow, Belgium and France. Her creations are already present in private and public collections.


선 을 신뢰해 주셔서 감사합니다.



Graduate from the Superior School of Fine Arts - DNSEP

Graduate from the European School of Image, majoring in Art - DNAP

Graduate from Seoul Women's University (Korea), majoring in Western Art and Painting



Europe : Belgium, France

World : Seoul (Korea), Moscow (Russia)


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