Achikhman Dayva

Born in Russia, DAYVA ACHIKHMAN is a painter with a double artistic background. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Yaroslavl, Russia and from the School of Design and Applied Arts in Paris.

In her early childhood, she imagined herself drawing beautiful pictures in order to sell them and buy a real elephant. On the back of the pachyderm, she would build a small house to travel the world peacefully. Creativity and art have always been her refuges. Her passion for spontaneous drawing has never left her since.

The artist lives an international career. Her visit to the Baltic States left an imprint on her infatuation for applied art and crafts. Her long stays in monasteries influence her work. In the 90's, she travels through Central Asia. This led to the publication of her drawings in the magazine "Star of the East" in Uzbekistan, in the section "Illustrations-Foreign Poetry". It is in France that she chooses to live and establish her studio.

Her curious mind guides her towards photography, digital art, illustration, vector drawing, graphic design and music. She does not hesitate to improvise on a synthesizer as well as on a white or grey sheet of paper. For her, structure is essential, the labyrinth must obey the laws of harmony of colours, lines and shapes. Her works are overflowing with details, absolute abstraction is combined with realistic subjects. We follow her into another dimension where the senses are overwhelmed by her artistic proposals. Her two dominants form the basis of her art: the "black and white" in the ink or pen drawings, the rich palette of coloured acrylics draping her enchanting canvases.

Guided by her intuition, she invests herself to the point of fusional concentration with her canvas. Creativity manifests the divine essence of man. The masters she reveres are the expressionist Kandinsky, the cubist Picasso and the surrealist Miro.


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