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David Hockney and Andy Warhol influenced the KERLUXY's Pop Art artists

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Enrich your interior with paintings that evoke the energy and boldness of Pop Art


Dive into Pop Art, under the influence of British painter David Hockney, with this "Cocktail by the Pool" painting by artist Eric Pichon, or under the influence of Andy Warhol, with works marked by the repetition of faces and signed by artist Twoodje.


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Mid 1950's  Pop Art

Pop Art marks a break with Modern Art.

Andy Warhol is one of the founders of American POP-ART. In 1960, in the middle of the « Thirty Glorious Years », the industrial consumer society was born. Mass consumption and advertising became part of everyday life. The artist directs his art on the rail of this rise: with him the art becomes productivist and the paintings produced in series thanks to the process of the serigraphy.

The noble subjects are discarded in favor of a popular culture. Thus is born the artistic "melting pot" with the techniques borrowed from the industry.


Some famous Artists:

. Andy Warhol – « Shot Marilyns, 1964 », « Mao, 1973 » ;

. Roy Lichtenstein – « Woman with Flowered hat, 1963 » ;  

. David Hockney –« A bigger splash, 1967 », « Portrait of an artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1972 ».


KERLUXY Artists:

Eric Pichon s’inspire du peintre britannique David Hockney dans « Cocktail by the Pool » ; 

Twoodje expresses himself with repetitive images in « 9 couples with 22 faces », « An upside-down head ».