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Immerse yourself in the artistic avant-garde with a cubist canvas from KERLUXY!

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Immerse yourself in the artistic avant-garde with a cubist canvas!r


Let yourself be seduced by bold geometric shapes and unique perspectives. Each canvas offers a captivating visual experience, defying traditional artistic conventions.

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1908  The Cubist movement


The Cubic movement born in the early twentieth century has for precursor Paul Cézanne who discards traditional perspectives and shifts the plans. Pablo Picasso and George Braque founded cubism influenced by the primitive arts. The works are fragmented, the plans are surperimposed on the same canvas. The image is cut into a multitude of geometric shapes, offering the eye a 3D image.  With Pablo Picasso, the face is exposed simultaneously from the front and from the side.


Some famous Painters:

. Pablo Picasso – « Guernica, 1937 », « Femme qui pleure, 1937 », « Homme à la sucette, 1938 », « Dora Maar, 1939 » ;

. Georges Braque - « Broc et violon, 1909-1910 », « La musicienne, 1918 » ;

. Robert Delaunay - « La Tour Eiffel, 1911 », « La Ville de Paris, 1912 ».



KERLUXY Painters:

Daniel Paugam proposes « Let's dance before milking » a polychrome burlesque country fairy.