Painting Portrait Abstract Geometric lines
The 2 Catalans

Twoodje Professional

Height : 3'37"
Width : 27.56"
Thickness / Depth : 0.78"
Unique Work of Art
Rest of the World, France
3 500,00 €
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Geometric Emergence - Painting the Harmony of 2 silhouettes

In this bold work, the artist explores the intersection between geometric abstraction and human emotion.

At first glance, we perceive familiar shapes, those of 2 Catalan men.

Ellipses are superimposed horizontally and vertically.

Colors play an essential role in this composition. Vivid, contrasting hues -deep blues, fiery reds, browns - blend and respond to each other.

Each line, each ellipse is charged with meaning, like the moments that weave our lives together.


Family history, father and son.


Material: acrylic on canvas

Availability: Immediate
Delivery time : 10 days
Returns: 14 days
Place of production: Rest of the World, France
Method of Production: Manual
Rarity / World: 1
Rarity / KerluxY: 1

Twoodje Professional

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