Medieval Musing - Captivating Abstract Painting of a bygone era
Middle ages

Benetti Andrea Professional

Height : 27.56"
Width : 27.56"
Unique artwork
Rest of the World, Italy
2 900,00 €
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Medieval Scene Reinvented - Abstract Contemporary Painting of the Feudal Era


Discover a captivating fusion of past and present in this modern work of art, featuring an abstract vision of the Middle Ages.

At the heart of this Painting is an ECU, an emblematic symbol of the medieval era.

The mechanical, hook-like forms of the shield contrast with the soothing colors of the shield.

Tradition meets Modernity, plunging us into the reverie of tales of chivalry and castles.


The work is a bas-relief made with plaster on canvas, then pigmented with oxides and coffee. After a very thin layer of resin, the painting is finished with oil paints.

Mixed materials on canvas: plaster - oxide pigments and coffee - resin - oil paintings

Square format 27.56" x 27.56"


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Place of production: Rest of the world - Italy
Rarity / World: 1
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Benetti Andrea Professional

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