Elegant and sturdy pet bowl
TED the gourmet

Kerluxy Home Maison Professional

Height : 2.76"
Width : 4.92"
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Celtland-Brittany France
54,00 €
Record n° SH.pt-YKER-000023


What could be better than your dog's or cat's grateful smile as it enjoys its meal?

At KerLuxY, we've created a sturdy, elegant bowl designed to make your faithful friend's meals not only delicious, but also unforgettable, while adding a touch of style to your home.

White bowl, decorated with the multicolored logo of KerLuxY (wine-red, gold, green, mole-brown, marine blue, white).

Dimensions: 4.92" diameter | 2.76" height

Care: handwash

On order only


Availability: within 10 days
Delivery time : within 10 days
Returns: None, as we only create to order in line with our 0-stock, 0-waste ecological policy
Place of production: Import & Europe
Rarity / World: 1

Kerluxy Home Maison Professional

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